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May 2017: Who Were the Parents of Carrie Bell Mclaughlin Yates?

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May 2017: Who Were the Parents of Carrie Bell Mclaughlin Yates?
Posted: 04/29/2017 - 11:05 am
Your Name:  Carolyn Hurd
Describe Your Brick Wall:  Seeking information concerning the parents of Carrie Bell McLAUGHLIN YATES (born 27 Aug 1888 in rural Ellsworth County, Kansas; died 11 August 1963), her maternal grandmother.
What Do You Know:  According to her Delayed Certificate of Birth, Carrie Bell’s mother was Carrie RENKER (born 23 May 1862 in Missouri) and her father was Joseph Lou McLAUGHLIN (born in 1862 in Ohio).  Carrie Bell had two older siblings: Eldorado McPherson McLAUGHLIN (1885-1980) and Lula Mae McLAUGHLIN WRIGHT (1887-1955).  Neither sibling had any children.
Family tradition is Carrie Bell’s father, Joseph Lou McLAUGHLIN deserted the family when she was eight years old, and about the same time Joseph’s mother sold the elite hotel she owned in Ellsworth, Kansas.  When Joseph disappeared, rumors reached his wife and children that he had gone to Alaska to the gold rush and had died in a landslide.  However, it appears he may have been living in San Leandro, California, with his mother.
Where You Have Searched:   Carolyn has the birth and death certificates for Carrie Bell McLAUGHLIN YATES.  She has searched the 1870 census in Missouri for Carrie RENKER, and the Ohio census for Joseph Lou McLAUGHLIN, but has found nothing.  She has also searched the California censuses for Joseph Lou McLAUGHLIN but, apparently, if someone doesn’t want to be found, they can hide from the census!