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Helpful Genealogy Facts

Have you ever wondered where to find military records for your ancestors or what a particular occupation listed on a census record means? Look no further! Here, you'll find a curated list of links to diverse resources that can help uncover valuable information about your family history.
Unlocking Your Family History: Essential Tools and Resources:
Discover the intricate web of familial connections with our Family Relationship Chart, guiding you through determining relationships by tracing back to a common ancestor. Whether it's deciphering cousin relationships or pinpointing war timelines, this section equips you with the necessary tools for navigating your family tree.
Family Relationship Chart To find the relationship between two people, first determine the common ancestor you share and your connection to the common ancestor:
Ancestor Search Cousin Relationship Calculator Use the cousin calculator to determine the family relationship between two people who share a common blood ancestor.
War Timeline - Do you know when your ancestors may have fought in a war? Check out this helpful timeline to find out.
Listing Of Some Early Occupations This list describes the various old occupations, of which many are archaic. These are useful to genealogists since surnames usually originated from someone's occupation. Ship's passenger lists, census returns, and other documents used in genealogy may give an ancestor's occupation, this list gives more modern interpretations of those terms.
Common Nicknames of the 18th and 19th Centuries - Are you having issues finding your ancestor? Try looking for a nickname that was commonly used.
Genealogical Dictionary of Legal Terms - Are you confused by legal documents in your genealogical research? Here is a dictionary of legal terms used in older documents such as wills, deeds, probate records, and other legal documents.
Medical Terms and Epidemics:
Unravel the mysteries of medical terminology from centuries past with our Glossary of Medical Terms Used in the 18th and 19th Centuries, shedding light on historical causes of death and worldwide epidemics. Dive deeper into Civil War medical terms and decode international classification of diseases, empowering you to contextualize your ancestors' health experiences.
Glossary of Medical Terms Used in the 18th and 19th Centuries - The following glossary of medical terms was assembled as part of a project on medicine from 1760-1830 but it includes some terms from a wider period. 
Historical Causes of Death Death certificates or registers can have information about the cause of death. For records before the mid-20th century, some terms used then are no longer familiar today. There are several websites that give definitions and interpretations to diseases and medical conditions found in these records.
A Listing Of Some Worldwide Epidemics Discover if your ancestors were affected by an epidemic with this list of Major U.S. and worldwide epidemics
International Classification of Diseases Ever wonder what those codes are you find on a death certificate? Here is your chance to decipher them!
Cemetery and Gravestones:
Unlock the secrets hidden within tombstones with our comprehensive guide to gravestone symbolism, revealing the meanings behind common symbols and expressions carved in stone. From deciphering Victorian monument symbolism to exploring the emblems of Arlington National Cemetery headstones, this section illuminates the stories engraved in stone markers across generations.
Gravestone Symbols and Their Hidden Meanings - learn the meanings behind some common (and several uncommon) gravestone symbols. A revelation about your ancestor’s life may just be right in front of you, hidden in plain sight.
Headstone Symbolism -Symbols on Headstones Demystified - This glossary of cemetery symbolism will help you to understand the meaning of the many design elements. 
Tombstone Birthday Calculator - Many older tombstones list age and date of death. This tool calculates birth date from the age of death and the date of death on the tombstone, death certificate or obituary